Why aren’t your team as passionate as you are


“Is your team as passionate as you are?”, is the question I asked while interacting with a group of Senior Managers on Leadership Pipeline and Succession Planning. It was in an organisation with aspirational goals of moving from 7th place in the market to 2nd place in 3 years timeline.

None of them could confidently say, “Yes, my team is equally passionate”. Few said, “Yeah, I’ve few folks who are passionate, but then rest do what is told.”

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I have a team that’s equally passionate as me?”. Most of the time answer is “No”.

As a Manager, Entrepreneur and a Leader, having to manage and getting things done with a team that’s not really passionate and committed is going to be a gruelling task.

Here are some reasons why your team lacks inspiration and commitment levels as much as you have.

1. You’ve not defined clear roles and responsibilities individually and also as a team.

2. You expect perfection and people are scared about making mistakes.

3. You’ve not communicated your vision, goals and aspirations clearly and concisely.

4. You are ambiguous in giving instructions without much of consistency.

5. You aren’t solving their difficulties and problems at the workplace.

6. You’ve not built an internal culture of hard working and rewarding work environment.

7. You don’t invest enough time with your team.

8. You are not seen as a leader with a desire for excellence.

Are there any reasons why teams are uninspired that you think I’ve missed? What have you done to grow and inspire your team? Please share in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Why aren’t your team as passionate as you are

  1. Sai Eashwar says:

    The team members might not have enough credibility on the leader. Or the leader failed to prove his potential to the members to make them believe on him and to get passion.

  2. Dr. R. Moses Daniel says:

    Greetings Mr. Siva.

    Really you had a wonderful analysis i think to arrive at the reasons. one more reason I could say is, “Now-a-days, people are commercial than committed. Organisations prefers to maximize the profit by minimizing the cost, but employee expects more without even analyzing whether they deserve it. Finding a middle point is a herculean task for the leaders. Individual attention to their needs may improve the performance of the team. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. 1.May be the leader is not allowing team member’s ideas to be explored or implemented wherever it is suitable
    2.May be the leader not defined clear mile stones or road map
    3.May be the leader not defined level of interdependency among team members so that members will enjoy work as a team
    4.May be leader failed to do systematic review, rewards, making the project lively

  4. 1. May be the tasks assigned to the team members is not at all matching to his or her career aspiration in long run

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