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Learn a highly powerful Presentation Formula used by some of the most exceptional speakers and leaders - from Martin Luther King Jr to John F Kennedy to Barack Obama to Steve Jobs.

How to inspire your audience with authentic storytelling techniques that will establish a deep and profound connection with them? Siva will teach you his secret method of storytelling in this program.

Do you remember the opening sequence of a recent blockbuster movie you watched? Do you know that 1st 90 seconds is the crucial time to grab the audience's attention? Learn to instantly capture the attention of your listeners in 1st 90 seconds.

How to make your audience hold on to you till the last minute of your speech? Learn, first you must grab your listener's attention and then you need to hold it long. Audience attention is the most valuable currency for any speaker.

Bring in unshakable confidence in every communication situation your encounter in future. Siva will share his own most painful memories as a stammering young boy, and how he became a leading Professional Speaker.

Become a masterful communicator, powerful speaker and an inspiring leader. Learn to demonstrate passion, elevate other's potential and foster purpose in people.

Learn to organise your thoughts with a powerful speech structuring technique with which you will able to remember your entire script and also help your audience remember what you spoke.

Learn how to be humorous in any speaking situation as humour gives any speaker an unfair advantage of instantly connecting with the listeners. Siva reveals how he found his natural sense of humour.

.........and lots of Siva's expertise and experience sharing.

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Sivakumar Palaniappan

Siva is a highly preferred Keynote Speaker who brings a great blend of Sensible Humour, Inspiring Knowledge and Audience Engagement.

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As I do what I love doing, I usually end up working entire day soon after signing-up on a Speaking Assignment with my Clients. Otherwise, I stroll around in my Home Office Reading, Writing and Creating Videos for my Youtube Channel.

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