Communication Mastery Course

2021: The Year you become a highly confident communicator, powerful speaker and a successful professional!!!


We don't just teach Communication, instead we will make you a
Confident Communicator and a Better Speaker

Here is how you are going to become a Confident Communicator,
Powerful Speaker and an Inspiring Leader
in this Video Learning Program

Lesson 01 - How to Convert your Team Members and Managers into your Super Fans who will admire you for your deep and profound Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

Lesson 02 - How to make the right choice of words and create a very high impact in all your communication, presentation and discussion and how to handle any difficult situation with ease.

Lesson 03 - Learn the Art of Thinking Clearly and Speaking Clearly where you will never have to repeat what you said again and How to become very good in English Language.

Lesson 04 - How to build unshakable confidence in all your communication with 3 super powerful tricks and be the best while communication with your C-Suite Leaders in Management Meetings


We've transformed 6000+ Professionals, Managers, Corporate CEOs and Entrepreneurs into World Class Communicators and Confident Speakers.

Who is this

SPEAKHOUR Program for?

If you are aspiring to grow in your Career, launch your Entrepreneurial Idea, build a Business, get Dream Job, become a Thought Leader, strengthen your Relationship, you need to be a Confident Communicator and a Powerful Public Speaker. That's exactly what this SPEAKHOUR Program would teach you in just 5 days.







Professionals : Become a confident Communicator and a better Speaker, switch to better jobs, get promotions, grow in your career, become a leader in your domain, earn more money.
Managers : Inspire your team members, delight your customers, build authority, grow as a corporate leader, grow your team and organisation.
Entrepreneurs : Communicate your business idea, convince your investors, impress your clients, hire great professionals, become a market leader.
Business Owners : Connect with your suppliers, retain your buyers, get things done from your team members, make more revenue, grow your business.
Students : Build your personal brand, become confident, get internships, clear interviews, be unique and stand out from the crowd.
Trainers and Coaches : Build great connect with your learners, impress them with your content, build your brand, become a thought leader.

What You Will Learn

During These Value Driven 5 Days Of Focus?

The Emotional Empathy Formula which will help you to make an instant connection with your clients, customers, team members, managers and anyone you connect with
The Tune In Listening Method which will enable you to become a great listener helping you to resolve conflicts, build trust, inspire people, and strengthen relationships
The OREO Method of Persuasion which will empower you to effectively communicate you ideas and thoughts to others and instantly make them agree with you
Superstar Communication Styles that will help you to quickly understand others and appropriately design your communication to make the best of every situation
The Speech Triangle that helps you understand the secret of great Public Speaking which will bring unshakable confidence in your communication and speaking
SUPER EXTRA BONUS : 2 Hours of Mega Live Session of Deep Dive Learning on confident communication and effective public speaking

How is this

SPEAKHOUR Program delivered?

SPEAKHOUR is a highly structured and a well designed Bite Sized Communication and Speaking Skills
workshop delivered directly to you via WhatsApp or Telegram and Zoom online platforms.

A Bite Sized Learning PDF in highly structured format with Activities and Practice will be given everyday
You have to read it, understand it and implement the actions items (not just theory, you've to practice)
During the day you've to sincerely practice the given methods in your Professional, Personal and Social space
You will be part of a common Telegram Group with all your fellow learner to discuss and interact

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From Sivakumar Palaniappan:

Dear Friend,

I'm super excited, as I am going to help you become a Confident Communicator and Effective Speaker in just 5 days of your time investment in SPEAKHOUR.

SPEAKHOUR is a highly structured Bite Sized Learning course that's delivered directly to you via WhatsApp and Zoom platforms.

I am doing this because, "my passionate mission in life is to train, coach, mentor and transform 100,000+ professionals into Senior Managers and Corporate Leaders".

With 20+ years of corporate work experience as an Engineer, Principal Engineer, Program Manager and HR Manager, I've worked with 1000s of people at all levels. I've trained, mentored and coached 100s of Senior Business Leaders personally.

I discovered in all my work that, Career Growth, Promotion, Higher Roles and Responsibilities and Increment are all based on how good is your Communicating and Speaking ability in the workplace.

"Your Communication Skill can Make or Break Your Professional Career and Personal Life"

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Inspire your team members, persuade your boss, influence your clients, resolve conflicts, express your love, and connect with a deep sense of belongingness.

"Become a Confident Communicator, Powerful Speaker and an Inspiring Leader"

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