Look Beyond The Mask

Interviewing Skills For Leads and Managers

Having the right people in the right jobs is essential. That means hiring needs to be right – which depends critically on interviewing skills. It’s also too easy to hire on a subjective impression – you just like the person – and find out later they lack the skills, knowledge or temperament for the job. They become a misfit in the organisation.

On this highly interactive and practical workshop, participants will learn how to use a competency-based approach based on the job description. They will discover the importance of diversity, the legal requirements and being aware of the potential for cognitive bias to adversely affect the hiring decision. They will also learn how to present your company to candidates in a way that leaves them positive about the organisation.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Know what to look for in the candidate’s CV and/or job application form
  • Have tips and techniques for short-listing applicants quickly and effectively
  • Know how to prepare effectively for interviewing candidates at all levels
  • Be aware of the types of questions you need to ask to determine competence
  • Learn how to classify and evaluating evidence following an interview

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