Entrepreneurship – What it is and What it is Not

In last couple of years, “entrepreneur” is probably the most abused, overused and misused word in English language. And there is a huge industry in the name of entrepreneurial education and training that’s working hard to make money out of this hype around entrepreneurship.

Few weeks ago, I got to do a one day workshop for a group of 30+ young boys and girls who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Entire discussion was about understanding the basics of Entrepreneurship.

They are an amazing bunch of passionate people with creative ideas, they’ve made business plan, did a market survey, prepared a nice pitch….but when asked about simple “Seller – Buyer” relationships, dynamics and concepts they were totally blank.

I realised that, somewhere we are fundamentally wrong by starting off with the same old process of idea generation, business model canvas, investor pitch etc…copied from B School classrooms without any real practical thinking.

Entrepreneurs are not made inside classrooms and business plan competitions, in fact Entrepreneurs evolve based on various situations, opportunities, challenges, etc. However their knowledge, skills and abilities could be fine tuned and sharpened inside classrooms.

Idea generation, business plan writing, making a pitch, raising money are the tools and techniques that can be taught. The ultimate core of being an entrepreneur, making great decisions, being dedicated to steering a business growth has to come from within. It’s all about passion and then comes the knowledge.

Many young people are aspiring to take this path of less traveled these days without even understanding the core of entrepreneurship. What many institutions are trying to do is the other way, “give them the knowledge and trying to make them passionate” which will no way work.

Entrepreneurship is a profitably solving a problem, creating long term value while embracing the opportunities and overcoming challenges. It’s about seeing the big picture, taking that giant leap and tireless pursuit of the belief, striving to achieve that larger dream.

We should be teaching our young folks the fundamentals first and the let them learn the rest in the field.

– Sivakumar Palaniappan

Sivakumar Palaniappan is a Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Life and Career Coach. Write to him at siva@masteringmind.com for more details.

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