Find your Life Purpose, Develop your Knowledge and Skills, Build your Personal Brand, Craft your Life and Career in alignment with your Purpose.

Inviting Students, Young Professionals, Mid-Career Executive and Managers who are thinking about Career Advancements.


Is it really possible to break the mediocrity and become an outlier?


Yes, absolutely it is possible. Even if you are at level zero now, it is possible to build great life and career. But … you HAVE TO BE … extremely sincere AND extremely serious about your own life and career.

I’ve designed this course and the model, based on my own life experiences and career experiments. I’ve also validated this model with many other massively successful people and it perfectly aligns with their life and career building process too.

At the CAREER CRAFTING MASTERCLASS you’ll discover how to:

Understand the fine nuances of parenting by yourself techniques

Learn the art of effective learning and skill building along with the tools and techniques for LIFE long learning.

Know about yourself better than ever before.

Understand and use the innate secrets of brain science in life and career building.

Learn and realise the importance of 5 minds for this21st century knowledge economy.

Master the proven systematic tool – 5 Ds for Career Success.

Pick up practical and pragmatic tools to ReFUEL your inspirations.

POWER launch your dream career with all necessary clarity and knowledge.

Ultimately live a life of your choice, make more money, build passionate relationships, contribute to theman kind and leave a meaningful legacy behind.

Career Crafting Masterclass is the only CAREER COACHING PROGRAM in India that teaches a proven scientific career building model “Dream Career Launcher” that will truly make you successful in your life and career.


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When you join the 15 Weeks Career Crafting Course, YOU GET:

8 Online Sessions walking you through each and every step of creating a sucessful Career and Life.

Course Workbook, Checklists and Cheatsheets to help you navigate the Career Crafting journey.

3 Face to Face Personal Coaching sessions of 1 Hour each.

Access to Exclusive Facebook Group where I’ll be mentoring and answering you with other experts.

TOTAL VALUE of all the Above = Rs.18,000/-

You’ll not be paying that much.

SIGN UP NOW, and get the Entire Course for Rs.18,000/- JUST Rs.4,200/-

It’s going to be a 10 Weeks intensive personalised Coaching and Mentoring using Online Tools and Technology, along with few face to face sessions.

So, your location is not a problem as we will reach you where ever you are. (Zoom, Skype, Whats App, Messenger)

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