4 Things That Will Make You An Extraordinary Professional

If you can effectively do these 4 things in your work place, invariably you’ll become an extraordinary professional. You’ll be able to meaningfully contribute, add value to your organisation and get into faster career progression track.

Now, what are these 4 things? Think, Work, Speak and Lead.

1. Think Effectively.

Invariably you are thinking about something or the other all the time. Try sitting for sometime without literally thinking anything. Your job, client updates, emails to be replied, presentation your Boss wanted you to make, colleagues complaints about their problems, etc will always be running in your mind. All the time you are always thinking something.

So, the question is how to do that thinking process effectively? Unfortunately you are taught how to systematically think neither in schools and nor in colleges. But now in workplace your boss wanted you to think, bring new ideas, be innovative, create new patents and so on.

Want to be an extraordinary employee, start thinking about thinking. Learn how to systematically think. Anyways you’ll be thinking something, why not let that be effective and meaningful?

Demonstrate clearer and effective thinking in business. Learn tools and techniques of thinking to make better decisions and create better solutions in business.

2. Work Effectively.

Personal productivity is hitting rock bottom these days, thanks to the ever pervading smart phones and social media. In a 30 minutes meeting, just quietly observe how many of your colleagues are checking their social media updates, how many times. You’ll be surprised at the end of it.

End of the week, when you look back at what you’ve accomplished in that week what do you feel. Are you feeling happy, satisfied or bad about not completing many activities those are supposed to be completed within that week.

Be better organized, productive and effective at work. Discover smarter ways to plan your time, make priorities and stay focused on key outcomes.

3. Speak Effectively.

People think if one can talk to anyone, make a conversation they are good at speaking. It’s not about elocution or opening up a conversation with a stranger. It’s all about speaking effectively at work.

Just observe your colleagues when they speak in meetings, conferences or any other professional setting. Mostly they will be trying to tell everything they know and they have. People really don’t need to know everything.

Focus on that one most important point or message that you need to communicate, not all the stories connected to it. Especially when you move up in the organizational hierarchy it is imperative to learn to speak to the point.

Be better communicator at work. Learn to use powerful tools and techniques to turn every business presentation or speaking opportunity into a rewarding experience.

4. Lead Effectively.

Leadership is not about the title you’ve got. It’s all about how are your able to get things from your team that directly contributes to the larger organizational goals and objectives.

Leadership is not a position, it is action. As a leader you need to be exemplary in thinking, working, speaking and leading as well. Your clear vision and strategy must inspire your team to strongly believe in you and work passionately with you.

As a leader if you could earn respect, credibility and build relationship with your team, that’s the ultimate. How often you sit with them, share lighter moments, listen and learn from them? Do you know all your team members at personal level? Remember that the success of each one of your team members is going to be your success. All you need to do as a leader is to enable them and help them succeed.

Be a better and effective manager at work. Learn essential skills to become a manager who can achieve team performance and organizational success.

Becoming an extraordinary professional helps your forever in building great careers and life.

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